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Creating And Editing Jobs

Creating Jobs

  1. Navigate to the Jobs tab
  2. Click Add Job
  3. Fill out the desired information
  4. Click Save

Editing Jobs

  1. Navigate to the Jobs tab
  2. Click on the Job you wish to edit
  3. Click the Options button and then select the Edit option
  4. Proceed to edit the Job
  5. Click Save
Note that editing a Job only allows you to change the information available when you created the job. If you wish to add, remove or edit Tasks, see the relevant help topic.

Job Fields

  • Job name - A name that helps to uniquely identify the Job
  • Job Description - Description of the Job
  • Client - The Client that the Job relates to. If you select multiple clients, then a separate job for each Client will be created. You can also create a new Client by clicking on the Create new client link
  • Deadline - The final deadline date for the Job
  • Period end - The period end that this job relates to. For example, if the job is for the Client's Annual Financial Statements, then you would select the Client's year end
  • Create from template - A predefined Job Template (not available for editing)
  • Job type - The Job Type
  • Assign to - A list of company members that are assigned to the job
  • Tags - Tags for this job. Select existing tags or add new ones
  • Custom Fields - If you have created any Custom Job Fields, they will be available here

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