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Job Templates

Job Templates provide an easy way to predefine common tasks for Jobs that you create repeatedly.

Job Templates are also required to create Recurring Jobs.

CentreCRM provides some simple examples of common job templates, which can be edited or deleted as required.

To find Job Templates:
  1. Navigate to the Settings tab and click on Job Templates under the Templates section

Adding Job Templates

  1. Click Add Job Template 
  2. Fill in information, including any custom fields you want
  3. Click Save

Editing Job Templates

  1. Click Edit on the job template you wish to edit
  2. Adjust information as desired
  3. Click Save

Copying Job Templates

  1. Click Copy on the job template you wish to copy
  2. Change information as desired
  3. Click Copy

Deleting Job Templates

  1. Click Delete on the job template you wish to delete
  2. Click OK on the confirmation box that appears

Using Templates Manually

To use a template when manually creating a new Job, you need to select it upon Job creation.
  1. Click Add Job
  2. Fill out any information
  3. Select a template from the Create from template field
  4. Click Save
This will create your new job from the specified template. The job can then be customised further as required.

that once a Job is created you cannot select a new template. It will be necessary to create a new Job from another template instead.

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