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Creating And Editing Recurring Jobs

Creating Recurring Jobs

To create a Recurring Job:
  1. Navigate to the Jobs tab
  2. Click Recurring
  3. Click Add Recurring job
  4. Enter the information for the Recurring Job
  5. Click Save

Editing A Recurring Job

  1. Click Edit on the Recurring Job you wish to edit
  2. Change the information as desired
  3. Click Save

Turning A Recurring Job Off Or On

If you no longer wish to have a Recurring Job be run, but do not wish to delete it, you can turn it off.

To do this:
  1. Click Edit on the Recurring Job you wish to turn on
  2. Change Status to Disabled
  3. Click Save
To turn the Recurring Job back on, repeat these steps and change the status to Enabled.

Recurring Job Fields

  • Job Name - Any descriptive text that uniquely identifies the Recurring Job
  • Job Description - Description of the Job
  • Client - The Client that the Job relates to. If you select multiple clients, then a separate job for each Client will be created. You can also create a new Client by clicking on the Create new client link
  • Job Template - Each Recurring Job must be based on a Job Template. Select one to use here
  • Next Job Deadline - Specify the deadline for the next Job. If you choose today's date, then a new job will be created immediately. The Next Job Deadline date will automatically increment each time the Recurring Job is processed
  • Creation Date Days - Specify the number of days prior to the Next Job Deadline that the Job should be created in the system. For example, if you specify 10 days, then CentreCRM will automatically create the job 10 days prior to the next Job deadline
  • Repeat Every - Specify how often the recurring job should run
  • Repeat - Choose if you would like the recurring job to continue running forever, or choose a specific number of times
  • Status - Choose whether the Recurring Job is enabled or disabled

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